Check Me Out! I’m In Elle Varner’s Newest Video Refill!

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Finally! The music video for Elle newest single, Refill hasĀ been released and my gag order has been lifted. I’m not sue why we had to be so mum about everything. I mean, it’s not like the vid offers any great surprises or anything. But oh, well. Elle’s work of art is my indulgence. So I had to respect it. (Plus, I didn’t want to get sued.)

The concept of the video is simple. Elle is a member of an Ohio cheerleading team that has come to NYC for a competition. (I’m one of the cheerleaders!) Against our cheer coaches instructions, Elle sneaks out of her hotel room to explore the Big Apple. While out, she runs into a super cute (yet extremely broke) boy toy that shows her around for the night. The two spend the entire evening stealing experiences from the high-life and enjoying each others company. Everything goes over smoothly until the very end as Elle rushes to catch the school bus that is packed up and headed for home. When her new love tries to give Elle his number (via pen and paper), the paper is lost and she rides off empty handed.

My time on the set was rather interesting. NYC was frigid cold and all of us “models” had to shoot outside. To ward off the cold and add a bit of uniformity to the cheerleading team, we were given silver velour Puma sweatsuits that looked much more warm than they actually were. Fortunately, we were able to layer up a bit with coats and scarves. Plus, we were able to take the sweatsuits home with us, which was nice.

Though we were hired as principles, we were edited as extra’s. (Such is life in entertainment.) But if you listen hard enough, you can hear my screechy voice in the video’s opening scene shouting “We came. We conquered. We brought the house down!” (I’m the loudest one. You won’t be able to miss it.) And if you don’t blink, you’ll see me in the last scene, standing next to the school bus with a black fitted hat on. My defense: it was freezing out, the wind was blowing and I needed something to cover my head.

All in all, the shoot went well and I had a blast. Elle was an amazing chica. She’s a total star who deserves to shine. Good Luck to her!

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