Style Talk with Julio Rios


Style Talk with Julio Rios

If there’s anyone who loves makeup more than me, it’s probably Julio Rios. He was the lead MUA at my Nais Lingerie shoot. And though my skin was a hot gangster mess that day (death to adult acne), he made me look flawless. When I looked in the mirror and saw my skin, I fell in love with the man and his skills. They are to die for.

Julio’s schedule is all kinds of busy. But fortunately, he had enough time to speak with me about his life as a makeup artist. And might I say, it’s rather interesting. Throughout his career, Julio has encountered several diva’s, has a healthy obsession for MAC Cosmetics and is deathly tired of the smokey eye look. Oh, and did I mention that he used to be a club kid? Yup, that’s actually how it all got started. Find out more below the cut.

When did you fall in love with makeup and how did you enter into the beauty industry?

I fell In love with makeup back in 1993-94 during the club kid days. I was 15 going on 16 heading to party’s at Limelight, USA, Tunnel and many more. It was during these times where i was exposed to all this creative stuff brought to life by Michael Alig and friends. Thanks to all this, I developed a love for the art over the years and joined MAC Cosmetics in 2005

Who have you worked with so far?

I have worked with many well known photographers and models as well as Mercedes-Benz fashion week with MAC Cosmetics. I have also been published in a couple of magazines. One for example, is the cover of Desirable Magazine’s premier issue in March 2011.

What’s the craziest experience you’ve had while working with someone. Do you work with many Diva’s?

I would have to say 95 % if not all of the models I’ve worked with have been a pleasure. Here and there you might get that one who thinks a bit highly of themselves “DIVA”, but for the most part it’s just their way. When i have that type of encounter i just breathe and create my art.

My craziest experiences and diva moments happened while I worked for MAC Cosmetics. These women not only thought and believed but they knew they were divas! I have so many stories that I don’t even know where to start. I’ve had them all from the complainers to the perfectionist but all have been a pleasure. Thanks to them I have learned and gotten to where I am today.

Who was your favorite client to date? If you could work with anyone at all that you haven’t worked with yet, who would it be?

Its difficult to say because all of my clients have been awesome to work with. But if i had to pick, I would have to say model Kate Boyer (my favorite client) and photographer Al Rodriguez. I would love, love to work with Madonna. I’m not only a huge fan but I’m inspired by her in many ways. It would be an honor to work with her.

What makeup flaw do you most often see on the average women?

Super dry and over powdered skin. Most women don’t realize that you should moisturize before any application of makeup and when it comes to foundation and powder, less is more. CAKE is not in!

 What tips could you give the average woman/man on their makeup.

I would have to say that you will never fail with a natural look. Not only is it elegant but it is also timeless. It works from day-to- night and you can never go wrong. For women a nice light foundation, like studio sculpt from MAC Cosmetics, followed by a mineralized powder with a light bronzer on the lids of the eyes and cheeks with a bit of mascara and lip gloss looks wonderful and only takes two minutes. For guy’s, a nice tinted moisturizer followed by a “light touch” of mineral powder looks great.

What makeup trend are you totally over right now? Which one are you in love with?

I’m so over the smokey eye. OMG! It’s so simple to do but everyone wants it and does it. It makes me feel like I’m stuck in a Calvin Klein ad with Miss. Kate Moss.

Right now I’m in love with the natural dewey skin look followed by the light eye brows, Miss Lady Gaga’s famous look.

Give us a tip on how we can easily go from Day to Night with our makeup.

If your going for a natural dewey bronze look during the day, all you need to do at night is pump up your mascara, eyeliner, lips and cheeks. Now, if your already done up, just retouch your powder and pump that lip color times 100 and you will eat the night.

How in the world can we make our makeup last longer?

There are products out there that you can use to set your makeup. You can try MAC Cosmetics or Sephora or you can do it old school like the drag queens do and set your face with some Aqua Net hairspray. Trust me it works and you can’t go wrong.

What do you always carry with you in your makeup bag?

Tweezers. You never know when you might encounter that one hair that just destroys a whole look.

What advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists?

Practice, practice, practice! And don’t sell out. It’s hard but worth it. Get on sites like model mayhem and work with models and photographers to build your portfolio and gain experience and knowledge on set.

What does your future in makeup hold for you?

Oh wow the sky’s the limit! There are many things coming up, thank God, and more to follow. I am however, currently looking to really get into special effects makeup. I’ve done it before but want to take it to the next level and work on films.


Well, that’s a lot, isn’t it! Aqua Net on the face isn’t my idea of a good time. But hey, whatever works! And yes, the smokey eye is super played out. But is it OK that I still love it? LOL! It’s a total guilty pleasure. Like I said before, Julio is super busy. But he’s not one of those snobs that wont answer when you call. Visit him on his website ASAP to check out more of his work.



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