Genesis Virgin Hair Review: Warning! Do Not Buy!

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You have no idea of how excited I was when I found out about Genesis Virgin Hair. This “amazing” company offered 24 inches of virgin wavy hair for only $95. This was great for me since the wavy hair of the company I love so much,, only extends to 20 inches. (I really like my hair long.) So, after watching a few Youtube video reviews, I figured I’d check them out.

What happened next was HORRIBLE!

First off, the hair took three weeks to get to me. That’s with the $15 I paid for shipping. This was absolutely ridiculous! $15 for three week shipping? Where was the hair coming from? Mars? That is highway robbery! Thankfully, I already had a terrific install and I wasn’t anxious to receive my hair by a certain time. Otherwise, I would have been in beauty trouble!

But matters got much worse when I opened the USPS box and saw what was inside. The hair was horrible! It was jet black (which means it was dyed), it smelled of stale corn chips (which means it was chemically treated) and it shed beyond belief. Additionally, the ends were extremely damaged and split. All this for nothing and after a three week wait! I could have gone to my local beauty supply store and purchased better hair.

I tried to wash the hair. But when I was done, more of the hair was left in the tub than on the weft. Later, I tried to bleach it to a brown ‘1b’ (the color it should have been) but it turned red instead. What was that about?

And though the chemical coating washed off pretty well, the smell remained and the ends frayed more. This is a clear sign of tangling…something I am NOT looking forward to.

I guess I could send it back. But after waiting for 3 weeks to get the hair, I’m pretty sure sending it back wouldn’t be worth it. Besides, the company doesn’t offer returns, just exchanges. And I don’t want anything else from them.

My conclusion:

It is my duty to tell you all the truth, as the truth will set you free. But, what was NOT free is this hair. Genesis Virgin Hair is a waste of money and should NOT be purchased by anyone. I guess you may be thinking that I received a bad batch of hair. But I don’t think so.   EVERY batch of hair a company distributes should be consistent. It should not be a crap shoot. And if it IS a crap shoot, then I shouldn’t waste my time gambling with a company that doesn’t take me seriously.

Genesis Virgin Hair is NOT good hair! Do NOT buy from them. Trust me, if you have experienced good hair before (, Indique,, etc…), you will be very disappointed with this. If you’re only used to buying beauty supply store hair, stick with what you know because this isn’t much better.


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  • Falicia Henderson says:

    LOVE your blog. I am so happy you did this. I was planning on buying from this website for my summer hair. Everyone talks on how good the hair is but not the bad. Thank you for the truth!

    • Elena says:

      Well well well all the way from Costa Rica! Thank you for the info I was tempted buying this hair, not anymore no no.

  • MS TEE says:

    I purchased from Genesis Virgin Hair Company and found the same exact issues. Never will I order from her again.

  • Keosha Edwards says:

    Oh my! I had the SAME exact problems! ENDS ARE HORRIBLY SPLIT!! I ordered 18 inches of hair and received 14 inches! She is absolutley getting over on people the hair sheds the ends are split and it actually smelled like she shampooed my hair. Because everyone knowS true virgin hair has a bad odor to it. The hair was not wefted from the same person and all together I WILL NEVER WASTE MY MONEY ON THAT SCAMMER AGAIN!! :-)

  • Keosha Edwards says:

    Thats why her facebook account is deactivated for a “undetermined amount of time”

  • Lala says:

    Oh noo!! I have just taken my hair down I had received from Genesis Virgin Hair. I have ordered from her before the hair was okay slight smell.. This last install which was in May, yes this month. The hair has the worst smell I’ve ever smelled. The smell should be illegal, Ive washed the hair over 10 times. I’ve washed with fabric softener, vinegar, baking soad. Sebastian, herbal, mizani shampoo you name it. Can’t getc smell out. The smell seems like it hides at times and comes out at the wrong time. I had headaches and felt sick to my stomach. It dawned on me that it could be the hair. Once I had taken just the top half out I felt better already. I had to throw away 4 bundles of hair. It’s awful please don’t buy save your money for a better quality of hair. Please don’t buy the hair also seemed to have lice nits as well. It seems as if the hair is mildewed or maybe the smell of( animal urine from the warehouse?) vomit. Whatever the smell is I couldn’t take it I had the hair in a ponytail because I couldn’t take it. I do plan to report this company something has to be done. I had a person to tell me the hair smelled like cancer. Doesn’t make sense but the hair does smell deadly. It has a toxic smell not good nor healthy. My head feels better don’t feel like it will explode. It horrible please be aware I just hope that she gets it together. Wish her the best, however I will not purchase again. Thanks, for allowing me to share my experience!!

  • Giada says:

    The hair is like this now because she switched venders and her new vendor just happens to be the infamous New Jolly. When she first began with her first distributer (that everyone knows) the hair was great.

    • Vonndutch says:

      Who was the 1st distributor ??

      • Ashley Gaga says:

        I have no idea. But I have been trying to figure that out. Whoever that person was, she needs to go back to them.

        • Krys says:

          i believe the first vendor was Queens hair products on aliexpress

        • Shontae says:

          The funny thing is I have genesis virgin hair in my hair as we speak and my hair is fine only thing was the smell a lil bit of shedding an I had this hair for a year and I knew she had to switch vendors because when she first came aboard the hair was great I’m glad I got it then because I would had been very upset!!!

  • Brittney says:

    Warning Do Not Purchase Genesis Virgin Hair…Yessss.. I agree with all of the reviews.. I had brought my hair in March and I got the same things.. The hair had a horrible smell.. And I MEAN HORRIBLE!!! I used everything under the sun. Please don’t waste your money on this hair.. It may be affortable but Its so not worth it.. Invest your money into QUALITY hair NOT QUANTITY !!!

  • Meeka says:

    I’m glad I was aware of this problem…of course if I’m giving up $200 or more or $80 period. You don’t have to worry about me, buying it if it’s bad. And I just might go the F-off and let he have it I absolutely cannot take bullshyt like this!! Hell No

  • Melody says:

    Thanks for the info! I have never bought hair online before and my friend swears by gvh but still felt weird about it. I plan to order with truegloryhair…can you give me a little bit more info about them?

    Thank You!

    • Ashley Gaga says:

      I met a girl who was wearing True Glory Hair. Her hair looked AMAZING! I would love to give a full review, but I can’t since it wasn’t in MY head. All I can say is that her hair was near flawless. So much in fact that I actually went over to her to ask “Where did you get your hair.” That’s how I found out about it.

      Whenever I get to Atlanta, I will definitely order hair from them. Unfortunately, I can’t order online. So I’ll have to wait for my trip down. If you happen to get some before I do, email me to let me know how it turns out!

  • Odette says:

    Hey, thank you for your blog. Which hair can you therefore recommend to me> My younger sister’s birthday is coming up and I want to surprise her with some good quality brazilian hair. Thank you in advance.

  • Tj James says:

    I would have to agree with everything in your post, from the extended delivery time and the ridiculous ordering process. I purchased hair from Genesis in December and I absolutely loved it. So I overlooked the delivery and ordering procedures. The hair didn’t shed, tangle or anything it was a little thin so I purchased two additional bundles in April around the time that she was getting bombarded with negative reviews on Facebook. The second order was some odd red color and the texture was horrible which matches her customer service skills. I was so embarrassed to have the hair in my head when I finally had it installed. Genesis then changed her return policy to exchanges only. Don’t waste your time!!!

  • Shemika Spouse says:

    Ladies I ordered twice from a company called Essence Hair and Boutique the owner is a resident of Atlanta you can order from her website and she will deliver to you, if your out of state you can order online. When I was in Detroit my sis who lives in Ga recommended her to me I got my order in about 5 days. The hair is flawless it doesn’t shed because she seals all her wefts the smell is not horrible and it is very true to length I have been wearing my Brazilian curly for 9 months I swim in it work out with it and everything and I still get major compliments her prices are better than genesis virgin hair and shipping is bomb. I also used genesis hair it gets really dry the ends are a mess I had to cut 3 or more inches just to use it. I will never buy again. Essence hair and boutique is my new must have for real virgin hair, friend her on facebook at Essence Virginhair or online

    • Ashley Gaga says:

      I’ve looked online and can’t find a review of them anywhere. Their prices are good. But the quality is in question. Can you email me a pic of your hair? I promise not to post the images. I just want to see an actual install.

      • Shemika Spouse says:

        Ashley yes I will post a few pics again I have used her for years I think she just joined Facebook. I will post some today check her out you won’t be disappointed. Oh and tell her I sent you please

      • Shemika Spouse says:

        Btw what is your email?

      • Shemika Spouse says:

        I just sent them let me know what u think

        • Toya says:

          you ordered twice or used the hair for years? Can you send me pictures of the install so I can see the quality of hair? I havent seen any reviews on them.

      • Hello Ashley and btw I love your blog it’s very informative. I am the owner of Essence hair and boutique thanks for visiting my website I am still in the process of adding my clients photos to the site I don’t publish any pics without authorization from the customer. I have however added some pics today. The quality of my hair is of the highest quality I have many return customers. Shemika has been a customer of mine since the very beginning she has agreed to send me some photos of her installs I would love to work with you Ashley please feel free to contact me and thank you

  • Christen says:

    I heard she gets her hair from a different vendor now. I order my hair from I’ve had my same hair since September!

  • Tish says:

    I received my order within five days..the 18″ very pretty the 20″ was a rough texture and felt coated with something.I contacted her immediately and exchanged the 20″that exchange was worse soooo many dang grey hairs,alot more shedding, and the weft is horrible.That was my first and last time ordering from Genesis

  • Dena says:

    Wow thanks for your comments and reviews i was about to order from there . I guess not anybody knoW where to order the best quality let me know please.

  • Just to let you ladies know we are having a blowout sale starting today. All of our Brazilian wavy hair is on sale for 65.00 a bundle. ANY LENGTH!!!!! 16-24 inches

  • tamakia days says:

    Essence hair and boutique do you sale closures to match your Brazilian wavy hair?

  • Kiandra Gordy says:

    Thank you soooooo much I was in the process of ordering from them and decided to do some Google work 1st…thankz so much headed to essencehair website right now!

  • True says:

    Hey ladies,
    I was just reading thru the post and just want to share with you that I will be selling hair soon at (website is not running as yet). I am a new company and is currently in the process of finding a vender that I am truely satisfy with. My prices will not be expensive and I would love to know what you all think about my product.

  • Sandy says:

    I am glad I seen this because a chick like me is credit card ready and I’m in need of a virgin brazilian hair bad!!! If anyone has any good vendors or websites plz help a sista out!!

    • Jess says:

      Wow,thank you everyone for all the informative info.I was about to buy some of the genesis malaysian but want to see some reviews.

  • Chinwe says:

    I was just about to order some of this hair. So glad I came across this or I would have been super pissed!

  • nicky says:

    OOh ashley gaga thank you so much, i love your blog and thx for the warning i was about to purchase from genesis ,but i’m not going to after reading all the bad reviews, My money would i’ve been a big waiste. I took some sites down on here so i will be ordering from them thank you again and god bless you my dear.

  • Sashii says:

    omg im scared i just ordered hair from them two days ago. the new peruvian wavy/curly. you think its possible to cancel the order and recieve my money back. I’ve seen bad reviews on this hair but many goood reviews and honestly i went with this hair because i cant afford anything more then this and my birthday’s coming up.& i’ve been so iffy about it but im like let me just do it ! helllllp what should i do. Im scaredd :'(

    • Mel says:

      Hi Sashii, Please update me on your hair once u get it, I was just about to order the same thing

  • Courtney says:

    OMG! I’m so worried!! lol I just ordered hair from them as well!!! 4 whole bundles!!! $345 that i could have spent at eindianhair or whatever. jeeze louise. I’m scared, too. **fingers crossed** (ps. love this site–bookmarked!!**

  • Darcy says:

    I was going to get GVH but after seeing this I decided to go with essencehair and boutique, Im still waiting on the hair but I’m hoping it’s worth it

  • SAMIKKA:) says:


  • Courtney says:

    OK! UPDATE on Genesis Virgin Hair:::
    I received my four bundles (18,20,22, & 24in) last Friday. I will agree that a couple of my bundles had very dry ends. Also, the hair felt sort of sticky/dirty. Like someone had washed the hair but didn’t get all of the conditioner out.. I immediately called customer service (twice. no one picked up the first time, but I guess I’m obnoxious bc I wanted answers immediately lol). When the girl picked up (not the owner), she informed me that i needed to go ahead and wash & deep condition the hair, and that it would be fine if i needed to return it (the process would be for me to pay shipping to return it and i guess just wait forever till it got there? and then trust them to send it back :/).
    I’m not a very trusting person, so i felt like i might as well wash and condition it. I used my Carols Daughter hair mask *brand new* and didn’t bother even shampooing or getting it wet. I slathered it all over the hair (basically used the whole darn tub-i DID spend like 400 on the hair..). The hair was dry when I did this. I slathered it completely, left it out on a baking sheet in the sun so it didn’t mess up my counters, and went to work. I came home, washed out the hair, and let it air dry. It looked beautiful!!!
    The next day, when it was almost completely dry (I’m impatient!), I sealed all of my wefts using fray check *i had to drive to a craft store to find this-annoying extra expense number 56, i’m guessing, since I was making a U-part wig*.
    I created my U-part wig and installed it. I did cut some of my wefts in the front, which encourages shedding. It looks absolutely beautiful!
    Keep in mind, the hair was deep conditioned for like, 10 hours.
    The shedding is low.. I definitely didn’t get what Ashley got, so maybe she did just get a bad batch. But why would a company send out a bad batch of hair??? SMH.
    THE BOTTOM LINE? I LIKE this hair a lot. It gets a B. Not a B+. I purchased the Brazilian Wavy (I’m sure its not really from Brazil). I don’t love it.
    It does crave moisture, I agree. But I’m pretty satisfied. I think the prices for the hair (even the 24in was less than $100) sort of make up for the fact that it has flaws. I just can’t stand waiting two weeks for a product. I couldn’t even wait 5 minutes for the girl to call me back! lol I work in Customer Service for an International Company. Within the US, we charge $15 for TWO DAY shipping. With turnaround times that can become what, a week? And people call me EVERY DAY to complain about the pricing. If she could just speed up production times, that would probably help me out quite a bit with ordering from her again.

    Sorry if that was really long. I just thought this info might help someone out there in the stratosphere. :)
    Also, I did email her asking a few questions about shipping, wholesale rates, etc… All emails came back with fragmented sentences and poor grammar. Not even with openers and closers such as “dear ____” or “sincerely, _____.” Thats just bad business. Black people, we are gonna have to get THAT MESS together.

  • thekimshow says:

    I placed an order from Essence Hair and Boutique after visiting this blog a few wks ago. What I have to say about the hair and the experience is too long to post here lol but you can read the full post on my blog. Hopefully some of you ladies can have a little more info than I did when you are Hair Hunting! Here is the link with added pics =)

  • Shemika says:

    Now I normally dont indulge in anything that does not have anything to do with me. And I love this blog so much that I have it set up on my email to receive notifications everytime someone makes a post under this particular blog. @ thekimshow My name was placed in your blog and that is the only reason that I am responding im the Shemika Spouse that you mentioned in your little rant. You stated that it seemed that I was marketing for Essence Hair an Boutique but just to let you know that was not the case at all.I d not work for them in any way period. I have been reading ashley’s blogs for a while now. Just so happen one day i was on here and I noticed this particular blog. I mentioned Essence hair and Boutique because I have worked with them for years I have only had to buy up to this date three differnt times because my experience with the hair has been just that good. At the time the owner knew nothing about this blog. That same day I called her compnay up and mentioned to them about the blog and i advised them that I had given out her website on here and I told her that she should check the blog out because it was very informative. Im only saying all of this because of your accusations that I was marketing. I really hate now that I even gave her website to some of you especially if things like this keep happening…smdh The Ladies on this blog were looking for quality hair and I gave my view of my experience. I thought that was the whole purpose of it. Just in case you were not aware blogs are based on ones views and opinions. And thats what I gave. For you to try and sway people to your blog by putting someone down is the worst case of MARKETING. You are literally trying to get people to view your blog by putting a link directly to yours WOW now you cant be serious however you are entitled to your opinion in everyway but when you start throwing out names and peoples personal info then you have crossed the line. If I were the owner of Essence Hair and Boutique I would have an issue with you throwing her whole name out there along with her personal email address you were dead wrong for that. And I think im just as confused as you are because you have contradicted yourself several times in your little rant you stated how good the hair was you even went as far as sending pics to place on their website but then you turn around and say but she was on vacation and I got my order two days late huh??? You were either satisfied or you were not. Im asking that you remove my name from your blog. I don’t want anything to do with whatever you are trying to do. Ladies we have got to do better. Instead of trying to give a pat on the back and encourage one another we are doing things like this to one another. Can’t we try and help someone become successful as opposed to trying to bring them dowm. Im just saying its just to much when you have people doing things like this. We are all adults here please lets act like it and stop being so petty. We have turned an informative site into some pointless name throwing hating im over it. BUt at the end of the day this is the world we live it. SMH but I will still say a million time that Essence Hair and boutique has some really great hair and regardless of what you are doing on her she has the state of Georgia hair game on lock nobody is outdoing them. Again remove my name form your blog @thekimshow

    • Toya says:

      The only thing that seems odd to me is that. In your first reply you said you ordered from her twice….now all of a sudden you have been using them for years? Which is it?

      • Shemika says:

        Allow me to break it down piece by piece for those of us who are so juvenile that we can not grasp facts without it being put in Capitalized and bold text and this is aimed directly at whomever it applies to:
        To date I have ONLY ordered 3 times from Essence Hair and Boutique my first purchase was 2009 which was 3 YEARS ago. I have taken out and reinstalled the hair MANY times. When I wrote the original post I had only ordered twice becauae my hair held up really well. I just ordered more recently only because I wanted a different texture. I’m not fond of explaining myself but because some individuals are so concerned I put it there for you to see. In very broken down and bold content I hope this won’t go over your head as well if it does I don’t no another way to tell you have a nice day. After this I’m just going to delete myself from this whole blog it has just escalated to the most ridiculous level. If you all have issues or questions about any company contact that company directly I don’t sell any hair not my forte just gave my opinion like any one else

        • Toya says:

          I was confused because at first you said you ordered twice and then used the COMPANY for years…not the HAIR YOU BOUGHT FROM THE COMPANY for years. If you aren’t fond of explaining yourself, why are you explaining yourself? LOL. I can’t help you sound so incompetent, it was confusing. But thanks for clearing that up and going through the trouble of explaining yourself which you claim you do not like to do.

          • Shemika says:

            If I didn’t use the hair for years then what did you assume i used from this company for years ??? Is this blog not about hair?Last I checked that all that’s sold on the website…. Omg moving on!!!! I did not explain myself in any way I broke down the original statement to you because apparently you were to slow to ingest the provided info that was very clear to everyone else but you. But you just cleared up things for me i thought this was the case orginally but now im sure becsuse you clearly mentioned that you were confused so that pretty much sums it up your just confused and slow its okay hunny lmao you didn’t have to tell us we figured that out a couple of posts ago good bye

  • thekimshow says:

    Hi Shimeka, my post was in no way a “rant” it was a detailed account on what happened with my experience ordering from this particular company and my honest opinion on the hair I received. You do not need to explain to me why you wrote what you wrote on this blog because like I said before what I thought was my personal opinion. You are absolutely right, the women on here are looking for honest opinions on hair, just like I was when I visited this site. I posted my honest opinion and review on this hair because as many women have said, there are no reviews on this hair. Obviously I am aware that blogs are based on views and opinions given that that is exactly what I posted in my blog. It is not my fault that you have an issue with my thoughts and opinions. Also I didnt try to sway anyone to my blog by posting the link, I clearly stated that what I had to say was too long to post here (as this is not my site) and I provided the link to where these ladies can read about my experience. Now to address you saying I gave out her name well, anyone who orders from her will see the same information I did and if you would look a little closer I did not give out her email address. Also, I did not contradict myself at all, what I said was that the hair had some qualities that I did like and it came out nice BUT it has flaws. Its hair…its not perfect and I’m not going to pretend like it is. I did send her pics #1 because she asked for them and #2 because again as you can see in the above comments no one knows what this hair looks like. Nowhere in my post did I bash the shop or the owner I simply stated what happened and that I felt as a consumer that it was a little fishy. I did not tell anyone to not buy this hair or anything of the sort so what ever you are accusing me of “doing” is absurd. I have no issue with removing your name from my post as the only reason I mentioned it was as a reference to this article for those who are researching hair. Honestly Shimeka I can understand that because I referenced your post and my opionion on my experience wasn’t that positive that you may think that I was writing negatively about you or the owner but that was never my intent. I research the hell out of any product before I buy it and I posted the FACTS of what happened and my HONEST OPINION about the hair nothing more and nothing less. This was not about downing her company or her success, I don’t know her and have no reason to do so. At the end of the day you can’t please everyone, I know that there was no malice or vengence in what I posted in my blog and despite the tone in which you wrote this comment to me you are entitled to your opinion just as much as I am. Have a blessed day.

  • Shemika Spouse says:

    We can go back and forward all day with this non sense and I mean that literally.i really am in no way concerned with your overall experience i would not even have anything to say had you not referenced me. it was the fact that you mentioned my name in your rant in a negative way and i did not appreciate it at all. I think this entire conversation is beyond petty and this will be my final response.I said before and Im saying it again your rant had no relevance it was all over the place one moment you love the hair next minute you received your hair a few days late. Does that make the quality even less? I’m still confused. You allowed them to post pics on their website which to me makes me feel that you like it then you have proceeded to add more to your blog so apparently you love your hair….. Then just to point out something’s apparently you are an amateur when it comes to virgin hair because you actually said” I don’t think the hair is from Brazil” do you seriously think that any claimed Brazilian hair is Actually from brazil sweety that is not even apart of their culture Brazilian women cherish their tresses. Since you are in this blog you may want to read Ashley’s other blog about the different types of virgin hair so that you can get a bit of insight on it. Again for the record I don’t represent Essence hair and boutique at all but you will need to remove my name from your blog period thanks and good luck on getting more viewers because that looks like that was your overall motive be blessed

    • Toya says:

      You are an idiot! My IQ lowers when I read your replies. It’s obvious you are in cahoots with Essence Hair and Boutique. Do yourself a favor and just stick to replying only when it can benefit everyone instead of insulting others with your stupidity. You do not know the difference in you’re and your or even know how to correctly use punctuation! Just reply, you do not need to cause issues or feel like you need to answer to every reply to stand up for yourself. You do not need to explain yourself anymore! Because it isn’t helping. Just follow the blog and be merry. Have a good day Shemika. Remember, education is key and effective. Try it.

  • Kim says:

    Shemika, I have already removed your name as you requested. Yes, I said the hair was decent and I said that the hair was not sent when I was told it was. I never said 1 had any correlation to the other. I did say that I liked the hair for the most part and that the post was about my experience not the hair itself. And you’re right, I never claimed to be a hair connoisseur I just stated what I initially thought about the hair. Lastly, as I stated before my “motive” was to give some info on this hair and company seeing as no one can find any. But in any case Shemika have a wonderful rest of the day =)

  • Vanessa Igho says:

    Your blog is very interesting,love thank god I read your review on genesis virgin hair cause I used to think it was rlly good. Now ive found a new company that sells virgin hair theperfecthair company. The hair is awesome it hardly sheds or tangles nd definitely virgin hair.their prices r cheap aswell. I bought my 3 bundles Peruvian body wave 24 inches for 160 pounds

  • Kia says:

    I’ve seen more complaints about this company on you tube than any other hair site. The price for this crap is beyond. The wait time? Beyond! The return policy? Unacceptable. The shipping? Ridiculous. So glad I saw these reviews before purchasing. Honestly,out of the tons of videos I’ve seen on this hair there’s only ONE that likes it …But then again the company is also sending the weave in for her to review, so of course it has to be on point for her in order to present it to the the public. Sadly I think its sad when a provider tries to justify their sorry customer service with “oh it’s a bad bundle.” She needs to do better before putting her services out there simply because its our money she’s taking. She could be making more along with enjoying a slew of more customers had she done a more satisfactory job in handling this hair. I bet she’s no foreigner to getting cussed out on the regular lol

  • Nashell says:

    Toya did you receive your hair from essencehairand boutique yet? If so, exactly how long did it take? I’ve been waiting, two weeks and I can’t seem to even get a response to a voicemail or email. Who does that??? What kind of customer service is this?

    • Toya says:

      “So far the hair is doing well. But on to my experience with the customer service.
      also ordered hair on the 23d of July. I went through Paypal. Paypal said my payment cleared on the 23rd. So I assumed it went through. I contacted the owner of the company to see if she received payment. I called, no answer. I sent a couple e-mails, no replies. I sent an e-mail to her direct e-mail and finally got a response. She said that she received my payment and more than likely will send out my order the next day. I also assumed the next day that she sent the hair out already.
After a week of waiting for some type of response about a tracking number or anything, I contacted her and asked for a tracking number or if the company was a scam. She said that she ships hair out every Wednesday and she was on vacation with her family. So she was trying to assist even while on vacation. She hadn’t even shipped out the hair even though her processing time is 3 to 5 days, I would have still appreciated some type of e-mail or call to let me know that she hadn’t shipped the order
.Later that night I received a tracking number. I was excited to finally get some show that my package was coming. For the next following week I checked and checked to see if their was any change in location and there was NONE. It still said it was in GA. I called the post office to file a case saying that I had not gotten my package. They said that the sender went through the automated post. The sender prints out the label then mail the package themselves at the post office through a locked slot

.I e-mailed essence hair and boutique to inquire about my package and she said she doesn’t know what could have happened. She said that the package must have been lost or stolen. Lost I believe, but STOLEN I don’t believe. I talked with the USPS in GA and they said it isn’t possible it could have been stolen because after the label is printed out the package is put into a locked parcel box and waits to be shipped out. I e-mailed the owner this morning and I am still waiting for a response.
She told me in a previous e-mail that she would send more hair today after she speaks with her insurance adjuster. I hope she actually sent it out TODAY and not on WEDNESDAY like usual because I have been waiting long enough. I really am trying to keep calm about the situation because I am hoping it is good hair that I can re-use and be a repeat customer. She seals the wefts and she has good prices. I am just giving the benefit of the doubt honestly. I am still waiting on a response though.”
      This happened about a week and a few days ago. When I read your experiences I thought you stole my situation and decided to write about it! LOL I thought this only because our situations were so similar. I called and emailed and gotten no response until I emailed her personally. Then later I was told that all the conflicting information was probably due to other people managing her e-mail and that she didn’t know what I was talking about. But if you’re e-mail is so personal then why is it available on an internet site? or why do multiple people have access to it? I thought it was fishy that all this went on and it seemed like run arounds and excuses. Also with a member on the ashleygaga site saying she has been using the company for years but it a previous comment said she used them twice. I kept the e-mails too. I received my hair on the 14th. And so far so good. I really like it. The customer service should be stepped out and cleared up a little but the hair I received is nice. So I’m happy with that. Reviews on companies is not just the review on HAIR but on the COMPANY and how the WHOLE experience is.
      I rate the hair 4 out of 5 stars
      I rate the customer service as a whole (including the multiple misunderstandings, the confusing policy of only shipping out on Wednesdays and yet making it seem it ships out right away, the odd situation about the tracking number and the USPS not being able to find the actual package ANYWHERE) 1.5 out of 5 stars and the 1.5 is because Mrs. Brown was very polite

      That’s pretty much my personal experience.
      Hope this helps!

  • Yvette says:

    I ordered gvh in march and I haven’t had any problems. I will say that after having it installed for 5 months that it has began to shed and can get very dry at times. Overall I am very pleased with the hair for the price I paid and will definitely order again

  • Christina says:

    I ordered the virgin Brazilian wavy hair last October 2 0 1 1 and i am still wearing it right now as we speak, …this was the best investment by far. It’ll b an entire year having the hair next month. I haven’t been the best at taking care of this hair, meaning tying it up but it still lasted so i am more than satisfied. I just ordered some more hair last week, the Peruvian wavy/curly and it sucks to hear that she switched vendors bc i really liked the quality of her first vendor. oh well, money spent, …hope its not a total waste of money…

  • TheHairGroupie says:

    please try our hair Thanks!!! ;)

  • EricImasogie says:

    Try going to , its like the ebay of hair, you can compare trusted sellers. I just go on there and look at the comments of what people are saying about the hair. My gf uses it all the time

  • LovelyNia says:

    Do You Know When True Glory Hair Website Will Be Back Up I Would Like To Purchase From There?

    • EricImasogie says:

      @LovelyNia whats that website link? use some of those sellers sell here to.

  • Tilwana101 says:

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  • shantiayoung83 says:

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  • Centgip says:

    This hair is the worst hair I have ordered. Ladies stay away from this company it’s no worth your time and money. I purchased my hair Feb. 11th received it a week later to have it installed the following week. Well that smell of corn chips is making me sick. The hair is so freaking frizzy I can’t still it. Do not order this hair waste if your money and I don’t have money to waste.

  • Centgip says:

    This hair is the worst hair I have ordered. Ladies stay away from this company it’s not worth your time and money. I purchased my hair Feb. 11th received it a week later to have it installed the following week. Well that smell of corn chips is making me sick. The hair is so freaking frizzy I can’t stand it. Do not order this hair its a waste of your money and I don’t have money to waste. My pure hair worked really well for me.

  • Tilwana101 says:

    Ladies trust me go to www,HairDivaRemy.Com They have amazing hair I tried them and my hair is fabulous I love them I wasted my money and time going to so many other websites now I swear by them I got malaysian and I love it I have had it in for going on 6 months on and off I love it when you wash it it does this amazing curl I am ordering some brazillian next but I just wanted to share this great hair company

  • M says:

    Can anyone offer will confidence a site that I can get good quality Peruvian straight hair? Please!

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