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Me wearing E. Indian Hair

Me wearing E. Indian Hair

Fresh out of the box.

Fresh out of the box.

So, you all know IHOP. It’s a pretty famous and inexpensive pancake house that seems to have a location in every city in America. Similar to Denny’s, Waffle House, and any other late night breakfast place you can think of, IHOP is the place my friends and I go to after we leave the club. Though the food isn’t spectacular, IHOP  is the place to be whenever you need to knock the edge off from the last drink you may have had.  And before you get there, you probably know what you’re going to get, how long it’s going to take and just how it’s going to taste. It does the job without too much hassle. And to be honest, the Rootie-Tootie Fresh And Fruity isn’t all that bad. LOL! In the same way, E Indian Hair is just like the IHOP. It may not be the best thing in town. But it’s reliable, there when you need it and definitely get’s the job done.

The Pro’s:

The selection of hair that E Indian Hair ( has to offer is pretty good. Virgin straight, wavy and curly are abundant in many different lengths. And just recently, the company has included Indian bulk hair for braiding and virgin Malaysian hair for weaving. The ordering process is simple and easy. You can do it online or via telephone. A 1-800 number is provided on their website, which allows customers to express concerns and place special orders. Because of this, their customer service is impeccable, when compared to similar hair companies.

As far as virgin hair is concerned, E Indian Hair is extremely affordable. This company takes pride in their Buy-One-Get-One free deal, where every purchase you make affords you an extra pack of hair. My preferred hair, 24in. Indian wavy, only costs me $210 for 2 packs, or 8oz. of hair. Other companies with similar quality hair charge $279 for just one pack, or 3.5-4oz. of hair.  One way E Indian Hair keeps their cost down is with the packaging. There is none at all. The hair is simply placed into a clear plastic bag and then tossed into an envelope. There are no special tubes, golden bags or shiny boxes with this hair. So in essence, all you’re paying for is the hair.

Speaking of shipping, I also love the shipping times. Their free shipping option guarantees the hair will be delivered to you within 8-14 days. However, every time I’ve ordered from them using this option, I’ve received my hair between 3-7 days. Once the hair arrives, the quality will be evident. The hair is virgin with no dyes or chemicals and ready for install. Though a co-wash is suggested, I have always skipped this process since I usually bleach it in my signature Ombre style.

As far as the hair itself, it really is quality. I’m able to flat iron it straight, curl it in ringlets, swim, work-out and do whatever I want without an issue. A simple wash will put the hair back to it’s original state with lustrous waves and a healthy bounce. Also, the hair isn’t too silky and blends easily with my 3b textured hair.

Like most hair, it is suggested that you seal your wefts. Though I was able to wear this hair for 4 weeks without having sealed my wefts, during the 5th week, I began to experience substantial shedding. During this time, I removed my hair, gave it a solid wash and deep condition treatment and then sealed my wefts. I haven’t had an issue with shedding ever since.


Tangles are another non-issue. Despite the fact that I bleached my hair, I have never had an issue with tangles. Even after a heavy workout, my wavy hair typically falls into its regular shape, just as it should.

But there are a few con’s (which brings me to the IHOP comparison).

The Con’s:

Though IHOP will fill your belly in no time, it’s still not a 5-star restaurant. In the same way, though E Indian Hair does it’s job, there are still a few things that make it a little less than stellar. Though the ends are not split, I did have to cut off about a half an inch just so they will look even. And after a bleaching, the hair became rather dry. This wasn’t too much of an issue after a solid deep condition. But it was an issue nonetheless. There are other hair companies out there who provide quality hair that can be dyed and bleached several times without the hair becoming dry. I remember a time when E Indian Hair used to be one of those companies (I still have some of that hair!). But as of right now, it is not.

Also, the shedding bothers me. Though the hair is practically shed-proof after the wefts have been sealed (I use Fray Check) I still remember a time when I didn’t have to seal my wefts at all.


Finally in my last purchase, I noticed a few gray hairs. A few gray hairs can actually be taken as a good sign as it represents hair that is virgin and untouched. However, it can be unsightly. Because I bleach my hair, this isn’t really an issue for me. But it may be an issue for those who aren’t comfortable with color. Though a minor problem, I feel that a quality company that provides quality hair should take a little more care with collecting their hair from younger donors.

All of these issues actually scare me because it is a sign that the quality of E Indian Hair is decreasing, which is typical of a growing hair company. I hope and pray that this is not the case. But I am keeping my eye out on them just incase they do.


With that said, the pro’s definitely outweigh the con’s. All-in-all, E Indian Hair is one of my most trusted hair companies and is definitely on my list of solid hair care companies. If you haven’t given them a try, you definitely should.

Have you ever purchased hair from E Indian Hair? If so, what was your experience? Let me know!

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  • Thanks for sharing , I will include it to my hair world beauty supply list.

    • Tamakia Days says:

      I have a few questions…
      1. Do you recommend any other company besides EIndian
      2. What is your favorite texture of hair from EIndian (wavy, straight, or curly)?
      3. Have you used hair from any other company besides
      EIndian….if so, what is your opinion about them.
      4. Have you used a closure before because I am also interested because I dont want to damage my hair by leaving hair out. What is your take on closures?

      I have viewed so many companies that sale virgin hair and I trying to narrow down my options by the end of the month.

      • Ashley Gaga says:

        A lot of questions! But here we go!

        1. I recommend Indique but only their PURE collection. All of the other stuff is not virgin and has been treated in one way or another with steam or color or whatever. ONYC is a great company as well. But like Indique, can be a little pricey. There is a less expensive hair company that I am reviewing now for my readers. I have a lot of hope in them but I don’t want to give them a recommendation just yet. (It’s still too soon.) So, give me a few weeks and I’ll get back to you.

        2. From E. Indian Hair, I always go with the wavy. I actually only wear wavy textured hair with ombre coloring. It’s sort of my signature look for 2012. Wavy hair is a little difficult to keep up with. So if you want to purchase hair that requires less attention, go with straight. You can always add waves later.

        3. See question #1. Also, before I purchased hair online, I would buy Saga Remy Gold. LOL! I laugh now at how excited I used to be whenever I purchased that hair. And though Saga hair is not virgin, it did me well. I still have some Saga hair that I purchased back in 2010! It doesn’t tangle nor shed. And it holds a curl. I must have lucked out and bought a great batch.

        4. Personally, I hate closures. They make your weave look like a wig. Why get a weave if it looks like a wig? You might as well save the time and buy a real wig.

        Buying hair can be a challenge and definitely time consuming. You’ve probably researched hair companies with just as much (if not more) dedication than you would a college assignment. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. But it’s well worth the effort. Just take your time, ask a lot of questions, and get off Youtube! Instead, check The Black Media Hair Forum. This is where all the real hairstylist and weaveologists hang out. They’ll give you the real info about hair.

        Good Luck!

        • kmarie4444 says:

          I just purchased from e indian hair (straight) for the first time based off of your review of it. I’m a little nervous, but I will be optimistic. I did check out tne Indique pure hair, but I am new to indian hair so I figure I’ll try this first and if I like it I’ll upgrade to Indique next time around. I’ll let you know how it works out!

        • Ms_Potts69 says:

          @Ashley Gaga Hello darling! With me being new to the extensions ordeal I see u mentioned purchasing saga Remy gold… How long does this hair last? TY God bless

  • Asia says:

    Hey girl love your vids. Couple questions..I’ve seen some bad reviews about the quality of the hair. How long do you typically keep your installs in? I’m planning on keeping mine in for 3 months, will it hold up that long? What kind do you purchase, Indian or Brazilian. I’m leaning toward indian bc I like my hair LONG like you haha :) How many packs do you purchase, just the 2?

    xo Asia

    • Ashley Gaga says:

      Hey Asia,
      The thing about E Indian Hair is that you get what you pay for. The problem is, many people don’t like to pay for quality hair. So E Indian Hair is probably the best they can get. I can wear this hair for about 2 months before I need to deep condition it. After that, I deep condition it about once a week. After the 4th month, the hair is in the trash.

      I need 3 packs of hair in order to have a full install. But my head may be a little larger than most. So, 2 packs may work for you.

      As far as Brazilian vs Indian hair: There’s no such thing as brazilian hair. So I don’t pay the extra money for the ‘scam’. It’s all Indian hair.

      Good Luck!

  • Kiara says:

    I usually try not to buy expensive hair because I am terrible at taking care of it. I have had Bohyme French renfined that lasts for about 4 months, Indi Remi which lasts for maybe 2 months, and Diamond, Legacy, Goddess which all lasts for about a month or two. I am looking to try some Virgin hair that will last for about 4-6 months but also does not require high maintence. The Bohyme hair was super high maintence and I do not want to go through it again. What company and body type do you recommend?

    • Latwanna says:

      @Kiara If I were you in general, i would not try virgin hair at all. All of the hair is kind of high maintenance in a sense. Regardless of the texture and company you have to learn to keep up with your hair as if its yours. It still needs to be washed and conditioned, sometimes requires deep conditioning treatments as well.  I’ll break what I know down for you.
      Textures! :
      If youre looking for something low maintenance, STEER CLEAR OF CURLY HAIR.
      If youre looking for something versatile where you want to curl it, have it wavy & ect, I’d go with the wavy hair. Now this hair in my opinion is medium maintenance. Still has to be conditioned kind of often to maintain the waves ect, and you shouldnt apply too much heat frequently because as with any hair the wave/curl pattern will change. From reading what you said, it sounds like your best bet is to try straight hair. It requires the least maintenance although conditioning and washing is still required, and there’s still a decent level of versatility as far as flexiroding and curling with no heat for minimal damage.
      Length! :
      If you want to do the get up and go thing without tangles, obviously the company does play a role in this as far as whether the hair you got is good hair or not. BUT, i wouldnt purchase anything over 20 inches (if you want to be long and lavish). The longer the lengths, the more work is required because the chances of  tangling rise.
      Hair Types! :
      Be sure not to get caught up in all of this Brazilian, Cambodian, Filipino, Eurasian, Malaysian, Mongolian, ect. crap theyre feeding. Women in these countries are not going around chopping of 24-30 inches of their hair to the point where all these random vendors and businesses are getting it. If so, it will be VERY expensive if its actually of that origin. Most likely your hair will be Indian hair or Chinese hair.
      Companies & Price! :
      Okay, this really all depends on your preference. If you are looking for low maintenence and low price, dont really expect virgin hair. You may receive great REMY hair for what you paid for (i.e. Queen Hair Products from Genesis Virgin Hair/ Vimage Hair/ Essence Hair Boutique, & ect.) but it wont be all that awesome. You get what you pay for. If you have room in your budget or save, which is what i suggest, there are some great companies out there. I suggest . Their hair is pricey, BUT the hair is really great. and almost effortless. You can afford to make mistakes like forgetting a scarf one night a week or something lol. No matter the case BE SURE TO RESEARCH. Look at reviews and weigh the bad and the good before making any purchases, doesnt matter the price.
      Dying/ Coloring! :
      That just adds to the whole maintenance thing so dont do it if youre looking for low lol. If you do, unless you really know what youre doing, please do not get experiment happy and just go to a pro lol.
      Items To Have Whether Low Maintenance or High! :
      Scarf – preferably silk
      Shampoo – not anything fancy or expensive, but not something from the dollar tree. your hair will be as good as the products you use. I use pantene for women of color (indian women are women of color too)  hello hydrations (i usually dye my hair).
      Conditioner – SAME AS SHAMPOO; I use hello hydrations, totally twisted. I prefer anything by organix for hair, theyre a great brand. You can purchase their items at walmart.
      Weft Sealer/ Fabric Fray Stopper – helps to provide minimal shedding. this should be done on only the weft of the hair before install
      Brush – preferably a wig brush for removing any tangles, with ease
      Spray bottle – just in case you need to add some conditioner and water to one (for wavy and curly hair)
      Heat Protectant – this is a MUST have if you ever want to apply heat to your hair, to stop heat damage. tresemee is a pretty good brand for this, but i love silk elements.
      Okay I hope this helped you. I try to go in depth as briefly as possible, sorry for the novel :/. I just hate to see women waste money on hair store hair that doesnt last, and on “virgin” hair scams. All in all i recommend Straight Hair and depending on your budget, look at pricing and LEGIT reviews that last at least a month of the company youre interested in. Good luck! :))

  • ReRe says:

    I’m new to all of this! What do you mean by sealing the weft?

  • rhilary23 says:

    Everything is NOT GOOD. THE HAIR U SENT ME IS CRAP!!! How could you people do this to someone?? Mislead them and sell them something totally opposite of what u said. This is beyond insulting and disrespectful. I have literally cried everyday since wearing this hair. Not only because I wasted my time but i wasted my hard earn $200 bucks that I slave for everyday at work. Please. I just want justice!!

    • kenya_daniels17 says:

       omg i am so sorry this has happened to you but i thank you as well because i was about to by some and this and seeing how its so recent i am not going to purchase any because i dnt want to lose my hard earned work moneysorry that u did

  • armybhad25 says:

    I was just wondering if anyone purchased hair from…i really want to purchase the hair…ive seen great reviews about it but im still a lil reserved….someone please let me know…i dont want to waste money…Thanks

  • Dneo says:

    Greetings to the ladies that purchased the hair:) …. Any feedback from ur experiences? I’m from South Africa and stumbled upon the brand Hair. I want to know if it is REALLY worth buying. The hair here is hella expensive!
    Ash, (may I call u that) The brand name u toll Tamika u were reviewing….do you have a report on that?

  • kmarie4444 says:

    I am actually enjoying the hair I purchased. I brought the 16 inch virgin straight hair and I’ve been wearing it for about a month now. It gives me no problems at all.

  • pearls_sugar says:

    Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

  • Ken says:

    Hello Ashely Gaga,

    I am a secret admire of your blog but i am must confess that i have learn lots from you. Please i want to know if you know about any company in India that sales good quality hair in India, both Straight, Wavy and Curly Hairs. I will be travelling to India next week Please advice me.

  • I never purchased hair but my friend recently purchased and she’s looking awesome in it.

  • Ug says:

    Hello Ashley,
    thanks for making out time to teach about hair. I have learn alot since i started following your blog and now i am a dealing on hair.
    Currently i’m in India supplying quality natural hair to the rest of the world. I supply to Africa, Europe and i started this from the advice i got from you.
    my email:


  • roseema says:

    Thanks. for this information.Are you finding Indian Virgin Remy Hair ? Then you must select Indian Virgin remy hair extension for your new look. Because we provide you always good and quality in Version Indian Hair Extension. For more news visit our site.

  • Wendy says:

    HI Ashley

    I am in Namibia and i have been looking for for Indian hair suppliers in India i need to start a small business here the problem is i’m worried about trusting suppliers with the quality … also i need suppliers form Brazil do you perhaps know where i can buy hair in bulks from this two countries.please help…

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